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Let me guess, summer has ended, your book club has started up again, and you are already behind in your reading with all the craziness of the fall season? We understand – which is why we recommend listening to your next book club pick! Try an audiobook and keep up with your book club reading while on the go.

Here are some recommendations for your next book club meeting that are readily available in the audio format:

And if you are looking for something to listen to during the many activities in your life, check out the rest of this site for some great tips and sample clips that complement these activities. Happy listening!

Top Ten Reasons To Listen To Audiobooks

1It's so easy, you can do it with your eyes closed
2You will never have to worry about pronouncing characters’ names incorrectly
3No more turning pages
4There’s no extra weight added to your bag
5You can enjoy your beach book and the beach view at the same time
6Your hands are free for a high five or a thumbs-up
7Nobody can read over your shoulder
8Papercuts are few and far between
9You never have to remember a bookmark
10You can catch up on your reading list while driving