Book clubs are a great excuse to get together with friends on a regular basis and enjoy each others company, opinions, and conversations.  Listening to the audiobook can add another dimension to the conversation as well as help book club members who don’t necessarily have time to read still manage to participate.  Want to give it a try but don’t know how to start?  Here are some title suggestions and other advice to help you get going!

Getting a group together to discuss a book is very enjoyable but can be a daunting task when you don’t know where to begin.  Here are some tips for finding members, setting up meetings, and keeping them going.  With this advice, you’ll be discussing your first book in no time!


Pick a theme! 

Book clubs are even more fun when there’s a theme to the meeting.  Do you and your friends all have a particular interest in common?  Are you crafters, runners, entrepreneurs, or even just looking for something to add to your monthly meetings?  Here are several themes we recommend you try out to spice up your next meeting.  Enjoy!


Audiobook Club Suggested Questions

Reading Group Guides often focus on the print book and discuss the story from a readers perspective.  We have crafted up some questions specifically targeted to the audiobook club member so that you can focus on the format as well as the story itself.  Get your group listening and discuss away.