From New Age spirituality, to Bible-based Christianity, to Scientology, to Buddhist retreats, to meditation classes, to Atheism studies, to the mega-church of the nation's top TV preacher, journalist Ken Baker immerses himself in a range of spiritual practices side by side with the celebrity set, revealing a Hollywood that is deeper, more questioning and more God-centered than you'd ever imagine.
"Hollywood is known for a lot of things, but religion and spirituality is usually not at the top of the list. In The Ken Commandments we learn that there is at times perhaps something much deeper than fame being pursued in Hollywood: A search for faith and meaning amid the narcissistic buzz of celebrity. Ken brings us inside a world that we don't see every day on E!, yet it is perhaps the most important story he could tell; an honest look not only at Hollywood, but at himself and how he sought to find meaning and purpose in the very place these virtues had been dissipated. 
The Ken Commandments is a groundbreaking account of how even the rich and famous and beautiful are in fact not necessarily different from us all in their struggle to find peace and meaning as they grapple with the biological reality of human existence."
Dr. Drew Pinsky, author and TV host 
"Ken digs deep and makes some revealing discoveries that may surprise some and inspire others."
Giuliana Rancic, E! host and NY Times Bestselling Author