Ancient Prophecies Unveil the Mystery of Earth’s Last Days
Deception has infiltrated every area of our society, from the daily headlines to the family dinner table. We were warned that this day would come—marking the generation that would witness the end of world as we know it
In this compelling, user-friendly guide, Pastor Matt Hagee highlights how governments, technology, and world events are ushering in the terminal generation. Using Scripture as the ultimate authority, Hagee answers riveting questions such as:
·  Is the changing world economy preparing the way for the Antichrist?
·  Why do the price of oil, identity theft, and the world’s obsession with the environment point to the end times?
·  How is the mistreatment of Israel connected to the coming apocalypse?
·  When will weapons of mass destruction be unleashed in the final conflict?
·  In what ways can believers share the truth of God’s Word before it’s too late?
Through the answers to these questions and more, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the Master Architect’s plan for humanity and His divine purpose for your life.
Your Guide to the Apocalypse gives you a front-row seat into the prophetic world theater featuring the epic story that began before recorded time. God is pulling back the veil to reveal the final scene. Will you be ready?
CBA bestseller

“As we watch news headlines and current events unfold, it’s hard not to think about how they might coincide with biblical prophecies. If you’ve ever wondered what the Bible says about end times and what we’re experiencing in our world today, then Your Guide to the Apocalypse by my friend Matt Hagee is the book for you! Using Scripture, he reveals the answers that will give you a greater understanding of God’s plan for all humanity as well as His purpose for your life.”
—Robert Morris, founding senior pastor of Gateway Church, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, and best-selling author of The Blessed Life and The God I Never Knew

“Pastor Matt Hagee has done it again! Your Guide to the Apocalypse faces the hard biblical truth of how Christians need to respond to the world. The Bible is specific about how the end times will look, and Pastor Matt provides a clear road map for the church and followers of Christ. I am thankful for this book, as it is one of a kind.”
—Pastor Matthew Barnett, co-founder of The Dream Center and New York Times best-selling author of The Cause Within You

“In a world where feelings and opinions are held in higher esteem than truth, it is easy to get lost in the false prophecies and confusion. Pastor Matt Hagee calls attention to the one reliable truth—God’s Word—and provides an easy-to-follow, factual guide to help us navigate these tumultuous days.”
—David Barton, founder of WallBuilders

“Pastor Matt Hagee explains how developments in governments, technology, and world events are connected to and fulfilling biblical prophecy.”
—Jentezen Franklin, senior pastor of Free Chapel and New York Times best-selling author