Inside this book is the secret to a complete change-over in your life and your fortunes – all through using the incredible power of the thoughts and pictures in your mind.

The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind gives the formula for releasing your latent mental powers of visualization and affirmative thought to attain not only material riches, but the inner wealth of friendship, love, intellectual development, peace, and happiness. The Million Dollar Secret Hidden in Your Mind reveals the more abundant life on all planes of consciousness. Its methods and exercises are so clear, so simple, so enjoyable that you will marvel at how such basic steps can work such incredible change. It is yours to try. In this book you will learn how to:

   • Duplicate the Power of Great Figures in History 
   • Take Ten Steps That Can Make You a Mental Giant 
   • Build a Strong Master Motive 
   • Become a Receiving Station for Great Ideas 
   • Seek and Win the Aid of Important People

"One of the most successful motivational speakers in America, Norvell writes energetically, with very modern clarity and forcefulness. This book was written in 1963 but his ideas make as much sense today as they did decades ago. It’s a confidence pick-me-up, a feel-good read, and a very worthwhile investment of both time and money"
--Retailing Insight