A fierce and ferocious, grittily cinematic debut crime novel that recalls both Richard Price and Quentin Tarantino set loose on South Central Los Angeles- James Ellroy with a soundtrack by Death Row Records-by an LAPD anti-gang officer who continues to patrol the streets he writes about.

Unabridged CDs - 8 CDs, 9 hours
"L.A. Rex is a stunning debut. A gritty tale dripping with truth—it could only have come from a writer who has lived the life."—Michael Connelly

"L.A. Rex is to the twenty-first century noir thriller what Apocalypse Now was to the twentieth-century war movies: vivid, powerful, imaginative, unique."—Joseph Wambaugh

"A brutal and dynamic novel about patrolling the City of Angels in the post-Rodney King era. L.A. Rex reads like a combination of Joseph Wambaugh and Tom Wolfe."—The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Has the crackle and spark of what one could easily imagine was life on the streets in 1998 Los Angeles, a city still on edge after the Rodney King riots...Beall excels at painting a slang-rich world of cops and criminals."—Los Angeles Times

"A kind of crime fighter's bildungsroman...It's hard to imagine a better training ground for crime writing than police work."—The New York Times Book Review

"Will Beall is as tough as they come, and L.A. Rex is really good in all the right ways. It is intelligent, powerfully written, and pulses with raw authenticity."—Robert B. Parker