Former astronaut Scott Blackstone’s dream of opening outer space to visits from everyday people is under attack. His pilot program has been marred by a fatal accident, he’s out of a job, and he’s being sued for billions of dollars. And it’s beginning to seem that the “accident” wasn’t at all accidental.

Then the endless conflict between India and Pakistan heats up . . . and Pakistan explodes a nuclear device in the upper atmosphere, frying electronics on Earth and in space, and putting the crew of the international space station at risk. With the shuttle fleet grounded, only a secret Skunk Works project known to Scott and his old friends can save the space station’s stranded crew.

The Return is a tale about the kind of space adventure that could happen today—and that will happen tomorrow. As told by Buzz Aldrin, who’s been there . . . and who's already helped change the world.
“As real as it gets!”—The New York Post

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