In Invested, Charles Schwab, founder, former CEO and current Chairman of the Charles Schwab Corporation, recounts the challenges, successes, financial crisis, and leveraged buyout of his eponymous company, as he revolutionized Wall Street and brought discount brockerage services and financial services to the ordinary investor.

In the bestselling tradition of Principles by Ray Dalio, and Shoe Dog by Nike founder Phil Knight, Charles Schwab describes his revolutionary approach to bringing stock investing out of the hands of the institutional investors, where individuals were essentially locked out, and into the hands of the people, so that all of us have the opportunity to participate in the growing US economy and exploding markets in technology and other fields. In what proves to be a deeply personal memoir, Schwab discusses his dyslexia and the challenges he faced, the early days in startup up his discount brokerage, in the wake of deregulation, when the company grew so fast that he and his teams didn't know how to manage it. He recounts the sale of the company to Bank of America, and how in the end that hamstrung the company -- and the leveraged buyout he orchestrated in 1987 that allowed him to regain control and momentum. He discusses the financial collapses of 1987, the tech meltdown of 2000, and the historic worldwide downturn in 2008, and what that meant for individual investors, and Schwab itself. After stepping down from the company in 2003, he was urged a year later to come back as chief executive role, when Schwab lost its way and the new CEO was fired.

But what makes Invested special are the insights and principles that have made Charles Schwab one of the most successful leaders in history in the world of finance. Today, his company is one of the nation's leading financial services firms, with over 3 trillion dollars in client assets.