What’s the First Audiobook You’ll Listen to in 2019?

January is all about starting off the brand new year on the right foot. We asked our staff which audiobooks they’re listening to first in 2019, and answers spanned from lengthy fantasy novels to self-care books to celebrity memoirs. Read more

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Manage Your Time With Audiobooks

Not only will these audiobooks teach you a thing or two about ways to get more done, but just by listening you’ll get a head start: you can learn while you commute, work out, or clean your space! Prepare to maximize your productivity. Read more

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This is the Author | Laura Vanderkam

“I knew I wanted to write another book about time management, and really the phrase “off the clock” popped into my head while I was running in Maine one morning. I had gone there for a long weekend trip with my husband, and it was one of those strange experiences where in the morning I suddenly realized I had nothing I had to do that day, which is kind of a rare thing in my life. I took off to run and as I was running along, that phrase, “I am off the clock” popped into my head. And so I wanted to explore that idea a little more.”

Learn more about OFF THE CLOCK.

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