Max and the Midknights Meet the Cast
Meet the Cast: Max and the Midknights

There’s a new adventure from the New York Times bestselling author of the Big Nate series: Max and the Midknights. It’s an illustrated novel, peppered with graphic novel panels throughout, so the audiobook production was exciting to adapt and create. Max’s quest to become a knight is now an original audio performance with a full cast, music, and special effects. Read more

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self-care audiobooks for resolutions
Staff Picks Hidden Gems of 2018
Chocolate Pecan Meringue Torte
Try This Recipe: Chocolate Pecan Meringue Torte

We have another delectable recipe for you to try this holiday season: Chocolate Pecan Meringue Torte! From Cook Like a Pro: Recipes & Tips for Home Cooks by Ina Garten, this tasty dessert is sure to impress all of your holiday party guests (full recipe is also below). Read more

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Apple Cider Crock-pot pudding from All About Cake by Christina Tosi
Try This Recipe: Apple Cider Donut Crock-Pot Pudding

Is there a better feeling than smelling something freshly baking while you are warm and cozy in your home? We don’t think so. So, while the temperatures drop outside and the holidays loom on the horizon, we’re encouraging you to stay inside and bake, bake, bake! Read more

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