6 Audiobooks Teens Will Want at the Beach

Beach reads aren’t just for adults. Teens will fall for these five audiobooks that are both fun and flirty and heart-pounding and serious.

Almost Impossible

When Jade decided to spend the summer with her aunt in California, she thought she knew what she was getting into. But nothing could have prepared her for Quentin, her annoying (and annoyingly cute) next-door neighbor who is hiding a secret that Jade is determined to uncover.
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The Handsome Girl and Her Beautiful Boy

After being labeled by their classmates as gay and a lesbian, respectively, Art and Zee develop a powerful connection, falling for the complexities they find in each other, as they explore their own complex relationships to gender, sexuality, and identity.
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The History of Jane Doe

History buff Ray knows everything about the peculiar legends and lore of his rural Connecticut hometown. The most interesting thing about the present is the new girl—we’ll call her Jane Doe. Jane seems as determined to hide her past as Ray is to uncover it. When the unthinkable happens, Ray is forced to acknowledge that history can only tell us so much.
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LIFEL1K3 (Lifelike)
Author: Jay Kristoff
Read By: Erin Spencer

Seventeen-year-old Eve isn’t looking for trouble, but she just can’t escape it. Her robot gladiator is now rubble, she’s on a local gangster’s wanted list, and she has just discovered she can destroy machines with her mind. And now, her discovery of Ezekiel, a handsome android, will bring her world crashing down.
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My So-Called Bollywood Life
Author: Nisha Sharma
Read By: Priya Ayyar

A pandit predicted Winnie would find the love of her life before her eighteenth birthday, and Raj meets all the qualifications. Then, he cheats on her. At least she has Dev, one of the few people she can count on. But, does falling for Dev mean giving up on her prophecy and her chance to live happily ever after?
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Daisy Winters is an average, offbeat 16-year-old from Florida…except her older sister is nearly engaged to the Crown Prince of Scotland. When Daisy is forced to join her sister at the castle, she meets the prince’s roguish younger brother who kicks up scandal wherever he goes—and tries to take Daisy along for the ride.
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