This is the Author | Zachary Wood

“I had always wanted to write a memoir one day, and I had always wanted to write a book, and I thought that it’d be a unique opportunity to speak to a number of issues I care deeply about—issues of free speech, issues of race, class, inequality—and ultimately, to speak to the ways in which I hope to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

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This is the Author | Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha

“I decided to write this for three reasons. I wanted a vehicle to keep the spotlight bright on the Flint water crisis because I knew that the nation’s attention would fade while many of the needs and problems resulting from the crisis would remain. Second, I also wanted a vessel to share the Flint story not only for our terrible lessons, but to also share that there are Flints everywhere, communities raddled with poverty, injustice, and lost democracy. Finally, I wanted a megaphone to tell the story of how science spoke truth to power and how we are using the cutting-edge science of what toxic stress does to the brain, to build resilience and give hope to the kids of Flint, and kids everywhere.”

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This is the Author | Evan Burfield

“REGULATORY HACKING: A PLAYBOOK FOR STARTUPS is really the culmination of this incredibly cool journey I’ve had the privilege to go on over the last five years. Through co-founding 1776 with Donna Harris, I’ve gotten to meet these incredible startup founders all over the world: from Silicon Valley, from Washington D.C., but also Nairobi, Singapore, London, Brussels. And this is really more a story about the incredible things I’ve learned from them.”

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Early Summer 2018 Debuts
Audiobooks To Get You Motivated

Whether it’s crossing things off your to-do list at the office or just trying not to press snooze for the second time in the morning, we could all use a little pep talk now and then. READ MORE

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