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This is the Author | Melissa Dahl

“My book, CRINGEWORTHY, is a nonfiction book about feelings of embarrassment, self-consciousness, awkwardness, and just generally things that make me cringe. And I wrote it because these are feelings that have driven me insane for most of my life.”

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This is the Author | Emily Chang

“My book is about the experience of women in Silicon Valley. It is called BROTOPIA: Breaking Up the Boys’ Club of Silicon Valley. It is my first book. And I wrote it because while Silicon Valley is an incredible place that’s created incredible things, there is one glaring flaw and that is that women have largely been excluded from the greatest wealth creation in the history of the world. There are very few women building and working at these companies.”

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This is the Author | Kate Bowler

“My book is about trying to figure out my own prosperity gospel. I thought I was an expert in this movement called the American Prosperity Gospel, which has millions of believers who think that God will give them health and wealth and all manner of good things in response to their own righteousness. And so I wrote an academic book about it and thought myself to be quite the careful and distant observer of it.”

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