This is the Author | Nico Tortorella

“I found out I was writing a poetry book at the end of last year and I had all of 45 days to put it together. And I wrote this entire book while I was traveling to Peru to go do an Ayahuasca immersion with some shamans in the middle of the jungle and I’ve never had to work on something so diligently before. Every single day. If I missed one day I would have been off track. I kind of fell into a vortex with this book, this poetry vortex.”

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This is the Author | Alex Wagner

“I’ve worked as a journalist in politics for a number of years and the subject of immigration has always fascinated me, not simply because my family is a family of immigrants but also because of the fundamental questions that the issue of immigration raises: Who are we as a country? Who is an American? What does it mean to be an American? And how have those definitions changed overtime? So when I began this book I wanted to address those central questions through a personal lens and this is the result of that endeavor.”

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This is the Author | Lawrence Wright

“This book actually began when the editor of THE NEW YORKER, David Remnick, called me into his office and asked me to explain Texas because he can’t understand why I live here. And, to be honest, I’ve wondered about that myself. ”

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This is the Author | Lucy Jones

“This is a story of natural disasters through human history, from Pompeii to Hurricane Katrina to the Japanese Great Tsunami, the stories of natural disasters, so that we can see how these disasters affect us both physically and socially.”

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